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Tips on Map Making

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Tips on Map Making

Post by ғαze on Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:39 pm

Object Placement and Tiles

Hi, I'll be telling you how to make a map.
1) Do NOT repeat tiles. It hurts my eyes. I have done it before, and it looked retarded.

Example of repeated tiles:

Example of different tiles:

2) Make sure you know how to blur. In the following picture, you will see a picture that has items behind the gate that is blurred. That means it is further away making it more realistic and correct.
As you can see, the heart cloud and fountain are blurred.

3) Don't make your map plain. It needs some nice things like the map I have been using an example for tip 1 and tip 2. Example 1 of repeated tiles was a bit plain.

4) Make sure you align the tiles. If you did that and are too lazy to fix it, fingers crossed no one will notice it.

5) Do not resize things that are up close and the main parts of the map. Again, like my Wedding Area map, the items further away were resized because they were further away making them look smaller.

6) Like everything else, make sure that there is nothing people can CnC on. They can only say good things!

Now you have been given tips. Now to teach.

What I usually do is start with the tiles. Add the ground parts (not the tiles) and you should get this if you align it right and add the tiles(pay attention to the black circle):
*Notice! I will not post non-examples.
After adding everything else to make it look nice, it should look like this.
I blurred the background images and put the fences behind the gate and added balloons. How I did this:
1) I added the gate and made it behind all of the tiles. Every item should be behind the tiles.
2) Now to add the fences. You should do the same thing as the gate, but put it behind the gate and make sure it is aligned.
3) Now to add the balloons and light posts. It was simple. Just add it. This time, you don't have to make it behind the layers.
4) Time to add the heart cloud, fountain, and cake. I blurred it by using Gaussian Blur and made it 1. The same for the second one. The same with the fountain. You don't have to align in, but make sure it looks like it is. The cake should be blurred at 5, because it should be further away.
Now for object placement and things that belong. First of all, no one wants something that doesn't belong.
Although the same category of map objects, the house on the right >>> does not belong.
Right Ex:
All of them belong. Why? Because they look the same. If I decided to stuff a CANDY WONDERFUL AMAZING JUMPING PLACE, it would not fit. Actually, it would NEVER fit.
Another thing for tiles. Don't make them such a big part of your map.
That's way too huge. Don't make it like that.
Right Ex:
In there, tiles aren't such a big part of it.

I make my maps with Paint.net. You should finish the map and not save. Saving causes it to make the whole thing one layer. Gaussian Blur is available on Paint.net. To add the blur, select a layer, go to Effects at the top, select Blurs, Gaussian Blur, and select how much you want it to blur. So I always do it before 9:30 pm or 11:30 pm, so I can finish it.

Keep practicing before giving out the real map. You might receive no criticism.


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Re: Tips on Map Making

Post by Soulslayerzx on Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:03 am

Wow. Nice tutorial, I do most of these things when I make maps too. Haha. Repeating tiles :p

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